Manufacturing cabinet

At Signature Boileau, we support the principles of the circular economy, in particular by doing business with Quebec manufacturers recognized in the industry. This is an excellent way to stimulate the local economy and create wealth in Quebec, while reducing the distance travelled by goods.

In order to better serve our customers and expand our product line, we are a distributor associated with one of the best companies in the industry in Quebec. For the manufacture of our kitchen and bathroom cabinets, we rely on Miralis’ expertise and professionalism.

If we had to summarize our kitchen and bathroom cabinets in 8 points, we would say this:

  • Exclusive and ecological products;
  • Quality materials;
  • Trends at the forefront of the industry;
  • Customized parts;
  • A meticulous manufacture worthy of traditional handicraft;
  • State-of-the-art technology;
  • Local sourcing;
  • A lifetime warranty.

Let’s design your future kitchen or bathroom cabinets together!