Once you have approved the quote, we can start building your kitchen, bathroom or custom furniture. Laser measurements taken during the quote preparation process ensure that the materials will be cut accurately to allow for easy and quick installation.


Constant supervision of the work

Throughout the installation work, a member of our team is in charge of managing your residential or commercial interior design project. This ensures that the building and finishing materials respect the ones you have chosen and are in perfect condition.


Only certified people from the construction industry!

Sometimes, architectural constraints or the particularities of the design project require us to refer certain parts of it to trusted subcontractors. These companies in the construction industry are long-standing partners who are as committed to your comfort and well-being as we are. Thus, we ensure that the installation team includes the most qualified people for each stage of the project.


Circular economy and sustainable development

The various construction and finishing materials are chosen from Quebec suppliers to encourage the local economy and reduce our carbon footprint. In the event that materials or furniture are not used, we make sure to give them a new life by donating them to charities.

The living space of your dreams begins with Signature Boileau! Contact us today to start designing your kitchen, bathroom or custom furniture!