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Choose High Gloss Polymer for Your Kitchen Cabinets 

Polymer is a modern material that comes in a wide range of colours, textures, and models. To produce polymer cabinet doors, we use a panel made of pine fibreboard (MDF) upon which a sheet of plastic (PVC) has been heat-formed. This makes the product highly resistant.

At Signature Boileau in Gatineau, polymer is available in glossy or mat finishes. Certain polymer cabinets are easily mistaken for natural wood species such as walnut.

If you choose a glossy finish, we’ll provide you with a polishing set so that you can polish your kitchen once a year, which you’ll need to do to prevent scratches and grease stains. 

The number one advantage of polymer is definitely the ability to get a product with a glossy finish. Although it is affordable, this product requires a certain amount of upkeep. That being said, its colour will remain uniform for years to come.

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