Kitchen Cabinet door styles

At Signature Boileau, in Gatineau, we offer a multitude of materials for the manufacture of your cabinet doors. Whether your concerns are about aesthetics, durability or ecological footprint, we have the right product for you in the style that suits you!

Use the expert advice of our expert interior design team to make an informed choice of style and materials.




This product has long been ignored in the kitchen cabinet market because of its reputation as a low-end product. It has evolved a lot over time and we are able to offer a quality melamine product that is easy to maintain and that adapts nicely to the style of the kitchen.

Advantages: wide range of colours, affordable cost, possibility of vertical and horizontal wood grain alignment.


European laminate

This product of European origin is offered in flat doors only, perfect for a modern or contemporary style of kitchen. It is particularly strong and easy to maintain, while remaining durable. Its natural texture blends perfectly with other products such as similaque.

Advantages: extreme durability and resistance, matching box interiors, vertical and horizontal wood grain alignment possible, Miralis exclusive colours.



This product offers great flexibility thanks to more than 100 combinations of models and colours. Requiring minimal maintenance, it can be easily integrated into any design.

Advantages: Excellent durability and moisture resistance, affordable cost



This unique product is available in a matte or gloss finish. The purity of the imitation leather adds a touch of brightness to the kitchen. An avant-garde technology based on the fusion of materials.

Advantages of matte imitation: Easy to clean, scratch and impact resistant, stain-resistant finish, thermal repair of microscopic scratches, reinforced antibacterial properties, fused edges, pleasant to the touch texture

Advantages of gloss similaque: wide choice of colours, impeccable glass effect and mirror reflection, advanced solution against abrasion and scratches, fused edges, easy to clean.


Rough chic

This exclusive product from our manufacturer Miralis is Scandinavian inspired and has the characteristics of a textured wood used by nature. It knows how to highlight the particularities of a wood that has been altered according to the seasons. It is also available in synthetic form.

Advantages of the rough chic range: durability and extreme resistance, possibility of a matching box interior in the synthetic range, presence of knots possible in the rough chic wood range.



Warm and noble at the same time, this material has something to comfort you. The many solid wood species available blend harmoniously with all designs.

Advantages of our wood collection: rigorous selection of wood to eliminate any significant variation in color after staining, thousands of door style options, customization options available, precise moisture control of raw materials to ensure product stability.



It is available on hardwood and MDF. Offered in a smooth and opaque finish, this versatile product, which can be declined in several chandeliers, perfectly matches the desired style. It produces an effect of simplicity and elegance in the kitchen.

Advantages of the lacquer collection: stability of the colour obtained after thorough tests, multi-layer application, possibility of creating a colour perfectly matched to the rest of the kitchen, optimal smooth texture, precise robotic sanding.