Bathroom Cabinet door styles

The most popular materials for a bathroom

The bathroom is a great place to relax. It should be functional and adapted to your needs. We create spaces that correspond to your lifestyle and the look you are looking for. At Signature Boileau, in Gatineau, we offer a multitude of materials for the manufacture of your cabinet doors. Whether your concerns are about aesthetics, sustainability or ecological footprint, we have the right product for you!

Our team of interior designers will gladly put their expertise at your service to help you make an informed choice.




Melamine is a popular choice because of its affordability and versatility. Our suppliers succeed in creating realistic effects inspired by nature with melamine. Melamine is perfect for creating a refined bathroom while adapting to all budgets.



Thermoplastic can withstand variations in humidity levels well, but is not suitable for temperatures above 85°C. This material is available in more than 100 models of cabinet doors designed without seals. These models are available in more than 70 colours ranging from white to the most daring wooden imitations.



For a bathroom with a high-end look at a low price, polyester is your best ally. The polyester cabinet door looks a lot like a wooden cabinet door. Polyester is more durable than melamine because it consists of five pieces. This material allows a great play of textures and finishes that our interior designers love to combine.



To add warmth and elegance to your bathroom, add wood! Each of our ten species stands out for its colour and texture, which allows the designer to work with different combinations. The result: a bathroom tailored to each customer’s needs. It is also possible to use a more economical material and cover it with a thin layer of real wood.